Rolling Lens Photography 2

A "photo journal" from the seat of my wheelchair


Cherry Blossoms


There are two old Cherry trees in the park where I walk/roll with my dog. The strange weather we’ve been having caused them to bloom a little bit later than usual, but they’ve finally started to blossom. They are lovely.


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Dogwood Blooms


Finally, after a false start, our trees are blooming and leaves are opening. Some of the flowering trees, like Bradford Pear and Magnolias started to bloom a bit early because of unseasonably warm weather, but then froze when we had a late season snow.

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What A Difference A Week Makes


This tree was just beautiful when I took this picture, on October 24, 2015. I shot it from many angles and distances, as I was moving through the park.

I thought the contrast was stunning, against the other trees near by. We had several days of rain and strong winds.

IMG_0511aI took this picture, of the same trees, on October 30, 2015.

Our trees started turning colors much later in October than is typical for this part of Pennsylvania, but they peaked quickly and began to drop at a remarkable pace.

While the park still has completely green trees that are only just beginning to show signs of turning, there are many trees that have lost all their leaves.

Watching this transformation really makes one appreciate how quickly things can change, what a difference a week can make.

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Peak Color

1023151350aA visit to a local grocery store revealed this tree and its incredibly intense color to me. The leaves within the branches were the brightest yellow, while the leaves on the outsides of the limbs were this stunning orange/red color.

The sunshine and bright blue sky really made the color pop.

Within a week the tree was completely bare, all the leaves having fallen and been blown and strewn all around the parking lot and grassy areas around the store.

I was so grateful to have gotten to see this beautiful tree during the peak of its colors.

(I took this picture with my cell phone, an LG Tracfone)

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Brilliant Autumn Colors

IMG_0471aAutumn 2015 made us wait, here in North Central Pennsylvania, for the leaves to change. Once the colors started to make an appearance, they were spectacular. The brilliance of their colors only lasted for about a week, as two days of strong winds and steady rains brought most of them down.

This particular tree always gives us a variety of colors and I look forward to photographing and simply enjoying it every year.

This year it didn’t disappoint. This beautiful tree lives in Memorial Park, a short walk/roll from my home, across Lycoming Creek.